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    I love my 1986 VW Vanagon. It is the perfect car for my family and I. I use it to go to the beach, work, and everyday chores. I love the white with blue stripe, and the insane amount of storage room inside. It has a full size bed in the back when we are on road trips, so when you’re ready to rest your eyes, simply just pull over and find a sufficient spot. When we have enough time, we take it on long road trips. It is not a quick weekend trip car so a week of vacation is minimum to take the van. Trips that normally take about 5-6 hours are now in the 7-8 hour range.

    It is a great car that I will hold onto for a very long time. However this week, I pulled the trigger and bought a brand new 2014 Subaru Outback. This car is going to be a huge change for me. Weekends can now be filled with trips to the Eastern Sierras, San Francisco, Mexico, etc…It will be an everyday commuter car and weekend warrior car. It gets delivered to my house this weekend, and I will be taking it to Monterey to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday, and hopefully squeeze some fly fishing in. I will definitely take some photos and post a review of it by the end of the month. Today though is my last official day living the #vanlife. 

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    General Store - Peckham, South London » Fox and Favour

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    Leica MP Antracite w/MS-Optical Nikkor 28mm 3.5 M-mount #camera #cameraporn #leica

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